Taekwon-Do Study Companion, volume β΄


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400 pages, circa 950 gr weight. Dimensions 24cm height x 17,5cm x 2,4 width. Hardcover, leather bound, protective sleeve case, bookmark. Price includes packaging and posting, anywhere on the planet.
First 33 pages posted online as jpgs, printing in B&W.


Taekwon-Do Study Companion, volume β΄
The second volume (β΄, pronounced “veeta”, not “beta”) of “Taekwon-Do Study Companion” (TSC) is practically ready (regarding the writers), but currenty unavailable (regarding the publisher). The book release is scheduled by the end of October. Its numeration follows the ancient Greek numerical system, unlike the “Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do”, which uses the Roman or Latin numerical system. The book is about Taekwon-Do, not taekwondo and definitely not “taekwondo and kick-boxing”. Therefore, it misses out on a huge number of practitioners, totally on purpose. It is a companion to the original “Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do”, as a potential aid for those who have actually read it, preferably more than once. Therefore, again totally on purpose, it misses out on a huge percentage of ITF practitioners. Still, it appears that the same principle has already been dealt with by George Bernard Shaw.
Both authors strive to apply the Five Tenets in daily life. Obviously, this comes at a price. One way of applying Integrity is the inclusion of P&P in the book price. There is no extra charge for shipping anywhere on the planet, while the current trend is for shipping cost to exceed the item price. Paypal remains the preferred payment method, since it ensures customer’s rights and purchase protection (at the seller’s expense). A second way of applying Integrity is the current pre-order offer of 25% for those determined to buy it. This offer also includes the first volume, within the same order and for the same limited time. It primarily targets those who have already honored us, by buying the first volume, preferably reading it, too and ideally, studying it. The pre-order offer will end upon the official release of the book, returning to the standard price of 80€, for a leather bound, hard cover volume of 400 pages, packed with information, targeting the select few. Comparing TSC to “similar” editions is practically unfair. The full interpretation of this statement will remain a mystery to those who have not read the first volume, a warm-up really for the ensuing ones.
The second volume comprises of Part I, mostly technical issues, up to page 99 and Part II, “Vital Spots (Kupso)”, from page 100 on, mostly medical issues undercover, with detailed illustrations and explanations.