400 pages, 367 footnotes, 905 gr weight. Dimensions 24cm height x 17,5cm x 2,4 width. Hardcover. Price includes packaging and posting, anywhere on the globe.


An ambitious project from Master D. Balampanos and International Instructor G. Lazarou, focusing on questions that arise, when studying the 15 volumes set of the “Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do”. Several points explained thoroughly, others revealing what the Founder bequeathed us, after the completion of the Art’s Bible.The work is dedicated to the Founder of the Korean Art of Self Defence and all the Pioneer Instructors, who followed his Dream.
Scheduled for release: November 2019.
It is now August 2020 and the book is being printed. It will be available in September 2020, in its final form of 400 pages, a clear challenge to Tenet No 5 – Indomitable Spirit, for the followers of Genuine Taekwon-Do.